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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of our most frequently asked questions.

What are Operators
Can I configure Single Sign On (SSO) to login to Kapiche?
Can Kapiche support languages other than English?
How does Kapiche handle punctuation and symbols?
What is the minimum number of verbatims I can analyze in Kapiche?
How do I remove a word from my query?
What is Observed vs Expected?
How do I copy themes?
How do I enable record updates?
Why is my NPS / Net Promoter Score Missing?
How do I share a dashboard?
How do I discover Emergent Concepts?
How do I add an Approved Domain?
How do I delete a data file?
How do I create a project?
How do I see which users have access to my dashboards?
How do I create sub themes or hierarchies?
What is the difference between a record and verbatim?
How do I remove a user from my site?
How do I remove a user from a Project?
How do I edit my Project schema?
How do I create a framework in Kapiche?
How does Kapiche calculate Impact?
What is Sentiment and how is Sentiment calculated?
What is a theme?
How do I save a query to create a theme?
How do I rename a Theme?
How do I update a theme?
How do I compare queries?
How do I invite someone to a Project?
Why can't I view my segments in the charts?
How do I export data from Kapiche?
Why can't I see my theme on my dashboard?
How do I delete a theme?
How do I contact Kapiche?
How do I add data to a Project?
How do I set a default date field?
What is a Correlation and how are they calculated?
How do I change or reset my password?
How do I log in to my Kapiche Site?
What is the Kapiche Storyboard?
How do I remove specific words from my data or analysis?
What is a Concept and how are they created?
What Project schema should I use?
What is a Field?
How long is my data stored after I cancel my account?
How to do sentence-level querying?
How to Use the Top Correlations Widget
How to use the Pivot Table Widget
How to use the Key Phrases widget
How do I change the week start day?
How do I add custom columns?
How do I set up sharing to Slack?
How do I share charts to Slack?
How long do data uploads take?
How does PII Redaction work?
How to use the At a Glance widget
How to perform Comparisons on your Dashboard