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How do I add an Approved Domain?
How do I add an Approved Domain?

How to setup Approved Domains for easier sharing of Dashboards

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Approved Domains gives you the following two features

  • Allow any existing user to be added to a Kapiche Dashboard by simply sharing a link with them. This can be helpful when sharing a new Dashboard with numerous colleagues that are already Kapiche users - simply send an email with the Dashboard share link and they will be automatically granted access. If they are not already a Kapiche user you can still share the link - they will be prompted to register for an account. Detailed instructions on where to find this share link can be found here.

  • Allow you to only invite users who have an email address that belongs to the approved domains. This can be helpful in locking down access and improving the security of your site

To setup Approved Domains you must be an administrator of the site. Firstly, you'll want to select the Users page from the dropdown that opens when you click your name on the top right corner of the screen.

Scrolling to the bottom of the page, you will see an Approved Domains section - click the 'Add domain' button.

Then just enter the domain in the input and add! You can setup multiple Approved Domains like this.

Removing an Approved Domain

An existing Approved Domain can be removed by hovering over it and clicking the 'Remove' link.

Questions? πŸ€”

If you have any questions about Approved Domains in Kapiche (or anything else!) you can get in touch with us any time by hitting the blue chat button to your right πŸ‘‰

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