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Why can't I view my segments in the charts?
Why can't I view my segments in the charts?

What to do if you can't view specific segments in your Kapiche charts.

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Why can't I view my segments in the charts?

There are two main reasons a particular segment might not be showing up in Kapiche:

  1. The Segment was accidentally ignored when uploading the file / creating the project (click here to learn how to fix this)

  2. The Segment exceeds 30 unique variables (E.g. a Gender segment usually includes 3 unique variables - Male, Female & Other).

If your Segment exceeds 30 unique variables, the data may not show up in certain charts in Kapiche. You will still be able to run a query on that particular Segment, however, most Kapiche charts (such as the segment chart on the query page) do not currently display Segments of this size due to visual limitations.

We're work on introducing additional support for larger segments throughout the product so if there is a particular chart or area of Kapiche you'd like to be able to view a specific segment in, please let us know (see below) and we'll see what we can do!

Tip: This functionality is now available for the Segment chart on the Kapiche Dashboard!

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