How do I copy themes?

A quick guide to show you how to copy themes from one analysis to another so that you don't have to recreate them again!

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Copying themes (queries of data) in Kapiche is SUPER easy:

  1. Head to your Kapiche Site

  2. Click Copy Themes via the toolbar to the left

  3. Choose the Project & Analyses you'd like to copy FROM

  4. Choose which themes you'd like to copy

  5. Choose the Project & Analyses you'd like to copy TO

  6. Choose the options which suit how you'd like the themes to copy

  7. Hit Copy Themes

  8. DONE!

Here's a quick video just in case you get stuck:

Questions? πŸ€”

If you have any questions about copying themes (or anything else!) you can get in touch with us any time by hitting the blue chat button to your right πŸ‘‰

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