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How do I edit my Project schema?
How do I edit my Project schema?

Everything you need to know about how to edit your Project schema once a project has been created.

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How do I edit a project schema?

Once a Project has been created it is not possible to go back and edit your Schema - unfortunately the only way to update a Project's schema today is recreate the project with the correct Schema.

If you have a set of saved queries/themes you would like to keep, please reach out to us (see below) once you've recreated the Project and we'll copy your queries across for you (we'll need to know which Project & Analysis to copy from and to).

Note: The ability to edit an existing Schema is something we're working towards in a future product update so be sure to let us know if this is something you're looking for so that we can keep you in the loop as we make progress!

Questions? πŸ€”

If you have any questions about your Project schema (or need some help!) you can get in touch with us any time by hitting the blue chat button to your right πŸ‘‰

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