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How to use the Key Phrases widget
How to use the Key Phrases widget
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In this article, we'll walk through how to access and make use of the Key Phrases widget on your Dashboard.

Where is the Key Phrases widget?

The Key Phrases widget is displayed whenever you drill into a Theme, Concept, or Phrase on the Dashboard.

What are Key Phrases?

Key Phrases are discovered by looking at all phrases in the data that contain at least one noun and selecting those that are positively correlated with the current Theme, Concept, or Phrase. Using correlation allows us to show the phrases that are most relevant. Additionally, the Key Phrases are calculated relative to any Dashboard Filters that are applied, allowing you to compare how a Theme is discussed across different segments of your data.

For example, below we compare the Key Phrases mentioned by Business Class flyers for the Concept "seat" with Economy Class flyers.

seat - Business Class

seat - Economy Class

Display Options

Like other widgets, the sorting of the rows can be changed by clicking on column headers. While we use correlation as the default method for determining Key Phrases, you can change this to frequency in the Display menu.

The Min Frequency setting filters out low-frequency phrases. This is important because lower-frequency correlations will be more susceptible to noise. You can increase or decrease the value to increase or decrease the sensitivity of detection.

Interacting with Key Phrases

Key Phrases can be clicked to drill down into that specific phrase on the Dashboard, allowing you to use all of the usual Dashboard widgets with that phrase. We have more interactions for the Key Phrases widget coming soon, including the ability to drill into the intersection of a Theme and Key Phrase.

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