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What is a theme?

Everything you need to know about what a Theme is and how to use Themes in Kapiche.

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A theme represents a group of conversations that are related to a specific topic that has been identified as being important & meaningful to your organization.

The types of themes that surface will be completely unique to your organization and and customers, but they are usually presented with a sense of hierarchy that matches the key areas of your organization and/or the specific audience we're reporting to.
For example; if you imagine for a moment that you are a Grocery Store, you may have a series of 'Parent' themes to represent broad or high level topics (like Product Range) which groups all of the conversations that are related to that topic together.

You then might break those 'Parent' themes down into sub-themes that are more specific (like Product Range - Dairy) which groups all of the conversations that are related to that specific topic together.
The possibilities are endless, so if you need some help working out which type of theme heirarchy will work best for your organization, let us know!

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