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How to use the At a Glance widget
How to use the At a Glance widget
Written by Cameron Parry
Updated over a week ago

The At a Glance widget on the Dashboard gives you a summary of the verbatim on the current screen.

Drill in to a Theme, Concept or Phrase, and if desired apply any filters, then click 'Generate' to get your summary. This is a great way to understand what any given theme is about.

WARNING: This summary is generated using Gen AI. This means there is no way to validate the accuracy of what comes back short of reading all the verbatims yourself. You just need to "trust" the AI. What you can do is cross-reference the Context Network and Key Phrases to ensure they match what you are seeing on the screen.


Kapiche is committed to the responsible use of AI. Which is why we follow NIST AI RMF.

We take your trust seriously.

No data is stored or used for training of Generative AI models by Kapiche or any of our partners. Use of At a Glance is opt-in. If, in the future, we remove the button to generate the summaries, we will provide a way to opt out of Gen AI usage.

If you have any concerns with the above, please reach out to us.

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