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How do I add custom columns?
How do I add custom columns?
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Custom columns can be added to your data when creating a Project. Specifically, you'll see the Custom Columns button on the schema mapping page.

Adding a Custom Column

When you click the Custom Columns button you'll see the dialog for adding a new Custom Column. You're required to choose the source column as well as the schema type and name for the new column.

Let's try an example where we bucket Age ranges. To do so we'll fill out the relevant details and hit the Next button.

We'll then be presented with the Column Mappings configuration, where we map values from the source column to desired values in the new column.

We can enter mappings manually, one by one, or we can upload a mappings file that we might already have to populate the mappings.

The mappings file is expected to be a CSV with two columns and no headers. The first column contains the source column value, and the second column contains the target column value. For example:

18, 18-25
19, 18-25
20, 18-25

When finished, simply hit the Done button to add the Custom Column.

Once a Custom Column has been added, it will appear in the Schema Mapping table with preview values so you can check how it will look once the Project has been created.

Editing a Custom Column

Prior to Project creation, you can make further changes to a Custom Column by hitting the Custom Columns button on the Schema page and then selecting Edit Custom Columns.

You'll then see a list of Custom Columns. You can edit the mappings for a Custom Column by clicking its name.

Deleting a Custom Column

You can follow the instructions in Editing a Custom Column to get to the list of Custom Columns and then click the 'X' icon to delete the Custom Column. Once it's deleted it will disappear from the Schema Mapping table.

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