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How do I set a default date field?
How do I set a default date field?

This guide is helpful if you have multiple date fields in your data set and would like to change which one we use by default!

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If your Project Data includes multiple date fields, you’ll be able to choose a default date field that we’ll use to set the initial field selected for numerous widgets throughout your Analysis and Dashboard screens.

Tip: We recommend choosing the date field that you're likely to use the most (but you can change this at any time after the analysis has been created!)

Option 1: When initially creating the analysis

When creating a new analysis you'll have the option (on Page 2 during the creation process) you'll find an option along the top of the page to choose your preferred default date field (simply click on the drop down menu and away you go!)

Option 2: Updating the default date field for an existing analysis

If you have an existing analysis you'd like to change the default date field for, all you need to do is launch the relevant Analysis and then click the 'Analysis Settings' button via the navigation menu to the left.

From there, you'll find the Default Date selector (the second option in the list):

Click on the drop down to choose a new default date field and then tap the green 're-run analysis' button at the top of the page (this will reconfigure the different widgets throughout your Analysis and Dashboard screens with the new date field).

If you have any questions about Default Dates (or anything else!) you can get in touch with us any time by hitting the blue chat button to your right 👉

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