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Product Update April 2024
Product Update April 2024

Dashboard Comparisons, AI Summaries, PowerPoint Export, and more

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This month we're excited to announce some massive new features, including one of our most requested - Dashboard Comparisons!

1. Dashboard Comparisons πŸ“

The ability to perform comparisons between segments on the Dashboard is easily one of our most requested features. We've listened to your requests and are pleased to share our first iteration of a Dashboard Compare mode that allows you to compare any two slices of data based on all of the segmentation available in your dataset.

2. At a Glance: Automated AI Summaries πŸ’‘

Another area that many customers have spoken to us about is Generative AI and its implications for products in this space. We've been carefully testing the best ways to leverage this kind of technology to provide value to customers for some time and are pleased to have released a new widget called 'At a Glance' that provides contextual (filter-aware) summaries of Themes and Concepts on the Dashboard.

3. PowerPoint Export πŸ–ΌοΈ

We've added a new PowerPoint option to the export menu available on the Dashboard and its widgets. Where possible, the PowerPoint exports will contain native charts allowing you to easily customise the look and feel for reporting.

4. Copy to Clipboard πŸ“‹

Another addition to our exports, you can now choose "Copy to Clipboard" to add an image of a chart to your clipboard, allowing you to easily paste it into a report, email, etc.

5. Faster Analysis Processing ⚑

Our goal is to be the central brain for all feedback data and this means processing a lot of data. We've just performed a round of optimisations to speed up the time to run an analysis for large datasets. In testing, we've seen close to 2x speed up across all datasets and 5x - 10x speed up for datasets over 100k records.

More to come soon

That's it for now, but we have some very exciting features coming soon, including a new theme hierarchies, improved change detection and more! If you're interested in giving feedback on these features, please email me.

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