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Product Update January 2024
Product Update January 2024
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It's great to bring you some major features for the first Product Update of 2024 - we're excited to share with you the new Theme Builder which makes it faster and easier for you to create themes!

1. Theme Builder: A new way to create themes ⚑

We've created an entirely new section in the product for creating themes and building your theme framework. We did this to consolidate and streamline the theme building workflow and make it easier for you! This new Theme Builder will also allow us to create specialised capabilities specific to theme building so that we can continue to improve it over time.

2. Improved Synonyms πŸ’‘

We've made two major improvements to our synonyms feature to make it easier to build themes. Firstly, we've refined our algorithm to improve the relevance of synonyms detected for your data. Secondly, we've added support for phrase synonyms and now give you the option to choose between single words, phrases, or both.

3. Copy Themes: Selective update β˜‘οΈ

To make it easier to manage themes across projects and analyses, we've added an option on the Copy Themes page to Overwrite themes with the same name in the destination Analysis. Previously you had to delete existing themes in the destination analysis if you wanted to update a theme, which didn't work well if you only wanted to update some themes. This will allow you to update specific themes while leaving the rest unchanged.

4. Updated Dashboard Export πŸ“‹

Previously you could only export responses from the Dashboard when you had drilled into a theme, concept, or phrase. We've now made it so that you can always export, even if you haven't drilled into anything. This allows you to easily access all responses based on your filters. You can find the export in the Share menu.

More to come soon

That's it for now, but we have some very exciting features coming soon, including a new comparison mode for dashboards, theme hierarchies, and more! If you're interested in giving feedback on these features, please email me.

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