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Product Update: May 2023
Product Update: May 2023
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We're very pleased to share the release for May which includes powerful new analysis capabilities.

1. Key Phrases: Gain deeper understanding πŸ’‘

The new Key Phrases widget shows the most relevant phrases for any Theme or Concept you are exploring taking into account any Dashboard filters you have applied. It will enable you to profile and compare how different customer segments speak about different Themes, giving you a deeper and more contextual understanding of what they care about.

We've also added Top Phrases to the Themes & Concepts widget, which provides another lens to start exploring your data through.

2. Faster Query Engine 🏎️

We've performed a major upgrade of our query engine making it significantly faster on large data sets. In our own testing, we've measured a 5-10x speed increase on many datasets! We expect this to make a big difference when running queries on very large datasets.

3. Sentence-level Searching: More control when building queries πŸ”§

We've added a dropdown to the Query screen that lets you define whether Query logic is applied within sentences, or across the whole verbatim. This allows you to directly control the precision of your queries - read more about it here.

Note: The sentence-level searching dropdown may not be visible on some older projects. If you'd like to enable it, please reach out to us!

4. Word Count Operator πŸ“

Like sentence-level searching, the new word count operator gives additional control when building queries. It allows you to specify the desired length of returned Verbatims, which can be helpful for finding example Verbatims for reporting or bucketing single-word responses like "Good" or "Thanks".

5. Pivot Table: New Value Options

We've added NPS Impact and Sentiment as value options for the Pivot Table, which will make it much easier to profile the top positive and negative drivers in your data. Additionally, Sentiment is now available as a row/column option.

More to come soon

That's it for now, but we have some very exciting features coming soon, including an entirely new theme builder, improved conversational analysis, and improved interactivity on the Dashboard! If you're interested in giving feedback on these features, please email me or chat with us using the icon on the right πŸ‘‰

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