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Product Update November 2023
Product Update November 2023
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We're pleased to bring you the Product Update for November, which includes the heavily requested ability to label/organise projects! We've also launched a new beta program because we want your feedback to shape the future of the product.

1. Project Labels: Easily organise your projects 🚩

We've added the ability to create and apply labels to your projects. A project can have any number of labels, allowing you to easily filter and view projects relevant to a specific task, business area, etc.

2. New Dashboard Filtering βœ…

We've added a new filter bar to the Dashboard which should make it easier to view and apply filters. It adds support for numerical range filters (e.g. Spend > 100) and negation filters (e.g. Product Code is not B375). It's also a foundational step for the Dashboard comparison mode we are currently working on!

3. Approved Domains Update: Enhanced security πŸ”

Approved Domains allow you to easily invite users from your company domain. Based on customer feedback, we’ve extended the behavior so that when approved domains are enabled, you can only invite users from the company domain (e.g. This provides an extra layer of security in who can access your projects and data. Learn more about approved domains here.

4. New Beta Progam: Shape the future of the product πŸ’¬

Our Beta Program is designed to provide our customers with early access to new features and updates before they are officially launched. By participating in the program, you have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback and help us improve the functionality and user experience of our products. Your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping the final version of our products.

Right now we have the new Theme Builder and improved Synonym Suggestions in beta. Please reach out if you'd like to participate or be notified about future beta features.

More to come soon

That's it for now, but we have some very exciting features coming soon, including improved comparisons, fuzzy search, and more! If you're interested in giving feedback on these features, please email me or chat with us using the icon on the right πŸ‘‰

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