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Product Update: 18 January 2023
Product Update: 18 January 2023

Dynamic date ranges, help with IGNORES, toggle on/off Observed vs Expected, and more!

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Happy New Year! We're kicking off 2023 with a bang, with a monster list of delightful product updates.

Improved dashboard date picker with dynamic date ranges

Speaking of new years, we've started adding in more sophisticated and dynamic date range options to the dashboard date picker. You can now select the last 7, 14, 30 or 90 days, the last 12 months, or last month, last quarter or this month. Once saved, the dashboard will then remember this selection, and each time you load up the dashboard it will display the data dynamically.

Let us know what other dynamic date options you'd like to see. Use the chat button on the bottom right πŸ‘‰

Improved schema mapping controls when creating new projects 🚫

If you dislike the painful process of repeatedly ignoring columns during a new project setup, this one's for you!

We've added some controls to speed up this process for you:

  1. IGNORE ALL: Does what is says on the box. Marks all columns to IGNORE. This is handy if you want to start from scratch and know the specific columns you want to add.

  2. RESET TO SUGGESTED: If you've gone wild selecting and deselecting columns, but then realise you just want to revert back to the suggested.

  3. EXPAND/COLLAPSE IGNORED: Hide those annoying ignored columns so you don't have to horizontal scroll so much πŸ˜…

Improved visibility on dashboard permissions πŸ”—

Previously it was difficult to see the project context of dashboard viewer permissions, like this:

We've improved this view, so you know which project and analysis the dashboards belong to, like this:

Toggle on/off Observed vs Expected πŸ‘€

While the observed vs expected capability on the themes and segmentation widgets has become a powerful analysis tool, we've also heard that sometimes you just want to apply filters and not have the widget display O/E. This is now possible via the Show Expected toggle in the Themes and Segmentation widgets.

When you save the dashboard, the toggle on/off setting will be remembered and persistent for all other users (including viewers) that view the dashboard.

Alphabetical sorting on Themes & Concepts widget πŸ”€

You can now sort the themes or concepts alphabetically

That's it for now! Any questions reach out to us using the chat icon πŸ‘‰

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