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Product Update: 28 June 2022
Product Update: 28 June 2022

Remove users from Projects, Rankings for Synonym Analytics & some freshly squashed bug fixes!

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Howdy folks,

We have a short and sweet product update for you today featuring a couple of new features plus a few squashed bugs!

Key Updates:

NEW: Remove users from existing Projects 🌟

Admins & Project Owners can now remove users from Project by hovering over their name in the Project User list (found at the bottom of each Project's page) and then clicking the Remove button!

Bug fixes & improvements when uploading and mapping data πŸ›

We've fixed a few minor (but annoying) bugs within the data upload workflow:

  • Sometimes after adding new data to a Project there was a delay between when new data was added to a Project and when the Dashboard could see it resulting in dashboards loading without the new data.
    As a result, we've improved the data upload process to ensure your dashboard will always have up to date data!

  • We've fixed the issue where the UPDATE label wasn't appearing on analyses immediately after uploading data.

  • Improved the handling of remapping data files with unique IDs

That wraps up today's update!

Questions? Feedback? πŸ€”

If you have any questions, feedback, or even if you just want to say hi, click on the blue chat icon towards the bottom-right and you'll be connected directly to us in real-time (we'd love to hear from you!) πŸ‘

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