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Product Update: 21 October 2022
Product Update: 21 October 2022

Qualtrics line break support AND bigger better themes tooltips

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A couple of updates this week to streamline your querying and analysis workflows:

Qualtrics data with "\n" within verbatim replaced with blank space

Firstly, a small improvement for customers ingesting data from Qualtrics. It's not uncommon for verbatim to unintentionally include "\n" in place of an intended line break or space. We've improved the import integration to replace these /nasty πŸ˜‰ cases with a blank space " ".

For example, when previously you may have had verbatim looking like this:
​"The lady was really helpful getting us a reservation.\nWe didn't catch her name"

it will now ingest like this:

"The lady was really helpful getting us a reservation. We didn't catch her name"

In the example above, a query searching for the "reservation" concept would previously have missed this verbatim. Now it will be discovered.

Bigger better tooltips on your themes in Saved Queries & Concepts widget

Secondly, something for everyone! With the introduction of Observed vs Expected metrics for the Queries & Concepts widget, there is now a lot more data, and a lot more insight that can be extracted from analysing the chosen themes. When you hover over a theme, there is now a more comprehensive list of key metrics - showing both the observed and expected values.

Saved Queries and Concepts theme hover tooltip

That's it for today!

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