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Product Update: 7 July 2022
Product Update: 7 July 2022

Better text field context in verbatims drilldown, date format in project settings, Oauth support for Qualtrics, and more...

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Hi folks,

We have another round of product updates to improve your Kapiche experience.

Key Updates:

NEW: Text field source and file name for verbatims in drilldown view πŸ”Ž

When you're deep in an analysis and reading through verbatims, sometimes it's easy to forget the context of the question the user was answering... πŸ€”

Similar to how you can see this context on a query page, now if you drill into a concept or query term from the dashboard and view verbatims, you have the same context visible to you. Super handy if your text field column header is labelled with the question being answered... e.g. "Please tell us how you feel"


NEW: Date format shown in the project settings πŸ“…

Many of you have told us that remembering date formats (day first or month first) is a simple but sometimes brutal mistake. If you upload a new data file with the incorrect format it will cause problems. We've made a simple update that will hopefully be a welcome reminder - in your project settings you can see what the date format is for your project.

Also coming soon: We're working on better error handling for date formats during data uploads!

NEW: Oauth support for Qualtrics integration 🀝

We have added OAuth authentication support for Qualtrics Integration. This is the preferred method for authentication for Qualtrics.

Other various improvements

We've optimised some key workflows, such as better error handling and timeout management on uploads, analysis processing etc

That's it for today!

Questions? Feedback? πŸ€”

If you have any questions, feedback, or even if you just want to say hi, click on the blue chat icon towards the bottom-right and you'll be connected directly to us in real-time (we'd love to hear from you!) πŸ‘

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