To connect Qualtrics to Kapiche:

Head to your Kapiche homepage and in the top-right corner click on your Profile Name and then Integrations.

Tap on the blue 'Add' button next to Qualtrics and from there you'll be asked to enter your Qualtrics API token & Qualtrics Datacenter ID.

Once you've entered your API credentials you'll be able to create a new Project using the data from your Qualtrics surveys by clicking on Create Project > selecting Import data from an integration > then Choosing the survey you would like to import.

From here, follow the process of creating a new Project to finish importing your Qualtrics survey data into Kapiche!

Questions? 🤔

If you have any questions about configuring your Qualtrics integration (or anything else!) you can get in touch with us any time by hitting the blue chat button to your right 👉

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