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Product Update: February 2023
Product Update: February 2023

Higher fidelity Context Network, more meaningful emergent concepts, monthly and quarterly reporting visualisation on Email Digests

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We've released some great improvements to existing Kapiche features that we think you'll ❀️...

1. Context Network: Higher fidelity results πŸ”†

The Context Network now shows more relationships, especially for low-count queries and queries containing structured data.

Heres an example from before the update:

And the same query after the update:

2. Emergent Concepts: More meaningful results πŸ€”

If a particular concept was mentioned once in a previous time period, and now has been mentioned twice in a more recent time period, that's a 100% increase! But that percentage change isn't very meaningful. Good news: You can now easily filter out less helpful emergent concepts by setting a minimum threshold for concept frequency. Ruling out low concept counts means that the emergent concepts that are surfaced will be more consistently meaningful.

You can update this minimum threshold in the widget up to a maximum of 100. We’ve set the default to 30 inspired by the rule of 30 in statistics, where a sample of 30 is large enough to show statistically significant differences.

3. Email Digests: Monthly & quarterly reporting vis πŸ“†

We've added more flexibility for email digest reporting visualisations! You now have the option to show monthly or quarterly time periods.

4. Email Digests: Add more themes sections 🀩

We've made more updates to email digests based on your feedback. You can now add either additional segment or theme sections to the content of your digest. This can be very valuable if you want to report specific metrics of themes.

More to come soon

That's it for now, but we have some game-changing features coming soon, including correlation detection and pivot table capability! If you're interested in early access to help us test and refine these features, please email me or chat to us using the icon on the right πŸ‘‰

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