We know how important it is to have clean data coming into Kapiche especially if you're using one of our handy integrations - so we're really excited to share that we have recently launched a new feature to help clean certain types of data that is loaded into Kapiche!

Here's a bit of context about what we're launching and why:

We've noticed a number of customers have been experiencing some issues with the way their survey providers export certain types of numerical responses like NPS & CSAT where records would contain both Numerical and Text. For example:

  • Disagree0

  • 10Agree

  • 0 - Extremely Disagree

  • 10 Excellent

  • Completely Satisfied10

When this happens, Kapiche doesn't know whether to process these records as Numerical Data or Text data which results in a processing error - ultimately causing Kapiche to ignore these records during the upload stage.

To help solve this problem we've launched a new feature that allows Kapiche to automatically detect and clean any data that is set to the NUMERICAL and NPS field types during the Schema Mapping stages.

This means that if Kapiche detects that a record mapped to the NUMERICAL or NPS field type contains text (like one of the examples above) we will automatically remove the text and process the data as intended/expected!

You can learn more about how this feature works over here.

Launch Plan:

This feature will be available for all new Projects that are created either on or after today (21st September 2022) 🎉

What about historical Projects?

At this stage the feature will only be available for new Projects but if you do have an existing Project that you believe has fields that contain both Numerical & Text data please let us know by sending us a message and we'll work with you to upgrade those projects on an as needed basis!

That's it for today's update!

Questions? 🤔

If you have any questions about Numerical & NPS Field Cleaning (or need some help!) you can get in touch with us any time by hitting the blue chat button to your right 👉

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