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Setting up and configuring integrations
Setting up and configuring integrations

How to integrate your survey collection service with Kapiche.

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Adding an Integration

Adding an integration is quick and easy. Make sure you have: 

  • The API key from your service provider (these are usually found in their knowledge base or integration documentation).

  • Necessary permission level to use the provider's API (some services require Enterprise licenses or a separate bundle to your plan).

  • Kapiche admin privelages. 

Head to Kapiche and go to Settings. Click Integrations on the settings navigation:

To add an integration, just click the blue "Add" button. This will bring up a dialog for you to enter your credentials:

Click "Update" and your integration will now be ready for any new Projects.
It will now appear as an option when creating a new project:

Configuring an Integration

You can enable/disable any integrations you've added, and also update the credentials by clicking "Configure".

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