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Product Update: 22 November 2021
Product Update: 22 November 2021

Sentiment Analysis moves in-house, SSO & MFA launches & Copy Queries is here!

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Howdy folks,

We've got some SUPER exciting updates to share with you today!!

Here's a quick summary:

Keep reading for a more detailed breakdown! πŸ‘‡

Sentiment Analysis moves in-house ❀️

We're VERY excited to announce that we've officially launched Kapiche's very own Sentiment Algorithm - Plumeria🌸!

Until now, Kapiche has utilized Google Sentiment Analysis to provide sentiment classification and while it's done an excellent job to date, we're now able to provide you with a more accurate sentiment algorithm that has been trained to analyze data just like yours! πŸŽ‰

Here's what the launch of Plumeria means for you:

  • Increased accuracy of sentiment classification across the board

  • [Future] Ability to train Plumeria for each of your unique data sets

Here's what to expect as we roll out Plumeria:

  • All new Projects created moving forward will utilize Plumeria

  • Existing Projects will be automatically upgraded to Plumeria over the coming weeks (see below)

Upgrading existing projects to Plumeria:

Over the coming weeks, we will be upgrading all existing Projects to Plumeria so that you have access to the most accurate insights possible!

With this in mind, because Plumeria's sentiment classification is more robust and accurate - existing Projects that are upgraded will likely experience a shift in sentiment frequencies (e.g. some responses previously classified as "Neutral" could be re-classified into more specific categories).

These changes may impact any historical reports you have done in the past, so please let us know by replying to this message if there are any specific Projects you are concerned about and we will work with you on a rollout plan that you're comfortable with!

Single Sign-On (SSO)

We want to make it as easy as possible for users to get access to Kapiche insights without compromising on security, so starting today, users will be able to sign up to Kapiche using their Google or Microsoft accounts! πŸ™Œ

A couple of handy notes:

  • You can still sign up to Kapiche using a dedicated username and password

  • Existing users can choose to login to Kapiche via SSO or via their native Kapiche accounts as long as the email addresses of both accounts are the same

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

In addition to introducing SSO, over the coming weeks we will be rolling out Multi-Factor Authentication for all of our users to ensure that your data remains as protected and as secure as possible.

This means that once the MFA rollout has been completed users will be asked to complete an extra identity verification step when logging into Kapiche.

We'll be in touch soon to guide you through the MFA setup process!

Copy Queries is finally here!! πŸŽ‰

That's right, folks, one of the most-requested features in Kapiche history (the ability to copy existing Queries into different analyses) is finally here!!!

It's super simple to use and only takes a few seconds 😍

Here's how to Copy Queries:

  • Head to your Kapiche Site

  • Click Copy Queries via the toolbar to the left

  • Choose the Project & Analyses you'd like to copy FROM

  • Choose the Project & Analyses you'd like to copy TO

  • Hit Copy Queries

  • DONE!

Here's a quick video of Copy Queries in action πŸ“½οΈ πŸ‘‡

Note: This feature is only available to Analyst & Admin Users!

Questions? Feedback? πŸ€”

If you have any questions, feedback, or even if you just want to say hi, click on the blue chat icon towards the bottom-right and you'll be connected directly to us in real-time (we'd love to hear from you!) πŸ‘

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