What is a Project Schema and "Mapping data types"?

The Project Schema defines what type of data each column has for the files in the Project. For example, one column might be mapped to 'Text' data, another column might be mapped to 'Date' data. 

The Project Schema is defined when creating a new Project, and all following data files will follow the schema. In order to create a schema, a file is selected as an example for you to review and map the fields (columns) to the correct data types.

Data types and definitions:

  • Text/Verbatim: Processed as text data to be used in the language model. Also used to display text excerpts/verbatims. Map your free-text/unstructured data to this data type.
  • Numerical: Processed as a numerical value. Numerical values can use mathematical functions in a query, such as "greater than" and "less than". Map any numerical structured data to this data type.
  • Date & Date Time: Processed as date formats to use as filters and segments. Also used to map data in timeline and trendline charts. Map any date fields in your data to this data type.
  • Category: Processed as a value to be used as a segment. Map any structured data that doesn't fall under the other categories to this type.
  • NPS (0-10): Processed as a special value which is used to generate three categories (9-10 are labelled as Promoters, 7-8 are labelled as Passives, 0-6 are labelled as Detractors). Also used to calculate NPS and show NPS statistics. Map your respondent's recommendation score to this data type.
  • Ignore: Values in this column will be ignored and not included in this Project. Map anything you don't want to be included to this data type.


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