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How do I export calls from Genesys?
How do I export calls from Genesys?

This article shows you how to set up bulk call exports from Genesys to S3 then into Kapiche

Written by Cameron Parry
Updated over a week ago

This article explains how to export Genesys Cloud recordings and associated metadata to an Amazon Simple Storage Service (AWS S3) where it can be retrieved by Kapiche and processed through its Transcription service.

Install the S3 Integration in Genesys

  1. Log into Genesys Cloud and select Admin and then Integrations.

2. Click Add an Integration.

3. Search for the AWS S3 listing and select Install.

4. Give a name to your Integration and then select the Configuration tab.

5. Enter the S3 Bucket name and then select the Credentials tab:

6. Select Configure and enter the Role ARN. Select OK and Save the settings.

7. Back on the Integrations page, you should see your newly created Integration.

Under Status, select Active/Inactive to activate the integration and select Yes to confirm.

That completes the Integration set up.

Create a Policy Rule

  1. Select Admin and then Policies.

    You will find Policies under the Quality heading or use the search box to search for Policies.

2. Create a new policy.

You now have to configure a Policy Rule to instruct Genesys Cloud WHAT calls to send to AWS S3 storage.

  • Enter a name for the Policy Rule

  • Decide the criteria that each call needs to meet in order to be sent for exporting to AWS S3.

  • Ensure you select Export Recording With Integration and enter the name of the Integration you created above.

The settings below show Inbound Calls from the "DevTest" queue are being sent to the β€œAWS S3 Bulk Export Integration” integration.

Select Save to finish.

Any call meeting the criteria set out in the Policy Rule will be exported to AWS S3.

Note: If you created the S3 bucket, make sure to give access to the Kapiche user, instructions here This is to so that they can connect and retrieve the recordings and metadata.

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