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Product Update: 2 August 2022
Product Update: 2 August 2022

Synonym Suggestions have officially landed!

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Synonym Suggestions are finally HERE! 😍

We are excited to launch Synonym Suggestions - a brand new feature that makes query building SO much faster, easier & more accurate for our Analyst & Admin users!

What are Synonym Suggestions?

Synonym Suggestions is a feature within the query builder that automatically suggests similar concepts to the ones you've entered into your query to improve your overall query strength and save you time!



Or, check out our written handbook here!

Enabling Synonym Suggestions

We'll be automatically rolling out Synonym Suggestions over the next 2 weeks, so if you don't see it today, it's not far away!

That's it for today's update!

We can't wait for you to dive in and experience Synonym Suggestions for yourselves especially as we received so much positive feedback during the beta test!

Questions? πŸ€”

If you have any questions about Synonym Suggestions (or need some help!) you can get in touch with us any time by hitting the blue chat button to your right πŸ‘‰

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