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Show and hide widgets on your dashboard
Show and hide widgets on your dashboard

Customise your dashboard experience by showing and hiding selected widgets

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As and Creator or Admin user you can choose to hide and show which widgets should display on each dashboard.

To manage the widget visibility, select 'Manage' from the dashboard...

You can then show or hide specific widgets, on both the Overview and Drilldown views (when you click into a theme or concept)...

Once you Apply, the changes will take effect on your dashboard, however you will need to Save the dashboard in order for your show/hide changes to be saved permanently. Once saved, the show/hide changes will be visible and effective for any other user who views the dashboard, even viewers.

Can viewers show/hide widgets?

No, only users with Creator or Admin access can show/hide widgets

What if I'm a viewer and I log into a dashboard that doesn't have any widgets on it?

Contact your Admin, and let them know the name of the dashboard, ask them to show some widgets!

If you have any questions about customising your dashboard (or anything else!) you can get in touch with us any time by hitting the blue chat button to your right πŸ‘‰

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