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Handbook: How to create and share Custom Dashboards

Everything you need to know about how create, save, share and manage custom dashboards.

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What are Custom Dashboards?

Think of a custom dashboard as a saved view of a Dashboard that has pre-set date filters, segment filters and themes that can be shared with specific users!

Main use-cases for Custom Dashboards

The main use-case for Custom Dashboards is being able to share snapshots of specific data with specific users based on the insights that are most relevant to them without needing to create and manage a whole new Analysis.

For example, you might have an Analysis set up to look at how each department in your organisation is performing (like Pricing, Product, Customer Service, etc.) but you want to be able to share only the Customer Service related themes with that team.

Custom Dashboards allow you to filter your Dashboard to display insights only related to Customer Service and then share that specific snapshot with that team!

Tip: You can also use Custom Dashboards as a way to create shortcuts for your own analysis; e.g. separate dashboards for analyzing different customer categories.

How to create a Custom Dashboard

All analyses will start with one dashboard (which will have the same name as the Analysis itself). From there, to create a new dashboard:

  • Click into the Analysis & navigate to the Dashboard

  • Apply the relevant Date Range, Segment and/or Theme filters

  • Click the "Save As" button towards the top-left of the page

  • Choose a name for your new Dashboard

  • Click "Save new dashboard"

  • Done!

How to share a Custom Dashboard

When your new Dashboard is ready to go, you can click on the Share button towards the top-right of the page to follow the standard dashboard sharing process.

Important notes:

  1. Each Dashboard in an Analysis has it's own set of explorer users that can access it

  2. Project members can see all dashboards that exist in the Analyses of that Project

How to Update a Custom Dashboard

Whenever you make a change to one of your Dashboards (e.g. adding a date filter), a green "Save" button will appear towards the top-left of the page.

Clicking that button will override / update the pre-set filters for that Dashboard!

How to Delete, Reset or Rename a Dashboard

To Delete, Reset or Rename an existing Dashboard, click the Dashboard's dropdown menu towards the top-left of the page.

From there, you'll find the Modification Toolbar to the right of the dropdown menu which will allow you to Delete, Reset or Rename the Dashboard you're viewing!

Note: Resetting a dashboard will clear all date and segment filters and select all available themes.

How to toggle / switch between multiple Dashboards

You can easily toggle / switch between each of your different dashboards by clicking on the Dashboard dropdown menu towards the top-left of your Dashboard and then choosing which Dashboard you'd like to view.

Tip: Your Dashboard list is sorted by alphabetic order!

Questions? πŸ€”

If you have any questions about Dashboards (or anything else!) you can get in touch with us any time by hitting the blue chat button to your right πŸ‘‰

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