Queries are one of the most powerful features Kapiche has to offer. With queries, you can find almost anything you want to see from your data.

What are Queries?

Queries are an advanced form of search on your data. They are made up of one or more "lines" that each impact the results of the query. You can think of each line as a filter, with the goal of fine-tuning the results to however broad or specific you want them to be.

How do Queries work?

Each line in a query is joined by an "AND" operator. In other words, the results returned must adhere to every line in the query.

To start building a query, simply click the search bar on the Query screen.Query Elements

The lines in a query can be made up of three elements:

  • Segments, which are the structured data values in a Field.
  • Concepts, the high-frequency, meaningful terms in the dataset which Kapiche identifies.
  • Terms or Phrases, any word or string of words typed into the query search bar.

The light blue dropdowns (e.g. "is", "includes") can be modified to various options depending on the type of variable being used.

Click the "X" button on the right side to clear query lines.

OR operators

Each line in a query can include multiple elements of the same type joined by an "OR" operator. Using an "OR" operator means the query results must adhere to at least one of the linked elements.

Clicking the "or" button creates a new "OR" link on the same line for you to choose the value of.

Adding Segments or Concepts to a Query

To add a segment, you must first choose the field. Click the empty query search bar, and you should see a menu appear with a list of selectable fields that have been taken from your dataset. Clicking on a field will show the available segments to choose from.

Concepts are chosen in a very similar manner. Click the "Concepts" tab to choose from a list of Concepts.

Adding Terms or Phrases to a Query

You can add any terms (words) to a query by simply typing into the query search bar.

Pressing the return/enter key on your keyboard will add a line in your query for what you write (as a Term). If you write multiple words, they will be added as a 'Phrase'. Phrases are useful when you want to query for a specific combination of words.

Using Data Visualizations to Add to a Query

Some data visualizations can be used to quickly add new lines to your query.

  • Clicking terms on the Context Network or Context Graph
  • Clicking a label on the sentiment bar
  • Clicking a label on the NPS panel
  • Clicking a value on a Segment or Concept correlation chart
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