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Adding Data to a Project & Updating an Analysis
Adding Data to a Project & Updating an Analysis

How to update your Projects and Analyses with new data

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When you send out another survey and collect more data, you can update the Project with the new data and update existing analyses whilst keeping the language models intact.

Adding Data

To add data to a Project, simply click the "Add Data" button. Your data should be related to the data already inside the Project, and should be mapped in the same column format.

Note: For Projects that use data from an integration, you update the data from the integration rather than add new data.

Creating vs Updating an Analysis

Whenever you create an analysis, it takes all data in the Project, and creates a language model from the unstructured data. This is different to updating! Updating an analysis takes any new data in a Project (that wasn't used in the initial creation of the analysis) and keeps the language model; Concepts aren't removed or added. This is useful if you're tracking certain queries/concepts.

  • Update analysis = keeps existing language model, updated with new data in a Project

  • Create analysis = creates a new language model from the data in a Project

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