Stopwords & Other Analysis Settings

Stopwords are words that will be excluded from becoming terms in the language model Kapiche creates in an analysis.

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What are Stopwords?

Stopwords are words that won't be included in the language model Kapiche creates for your Analysis. This means they won't appear as Concepts/Terms/Phrases in the analysis, but they can still be used as items in a query. Stopwords are usually words like "a", "I", "be". Kapiche provides default stopword lists for a range of supported languages.

How do I use Stopwords in Kapiche?

Changing Stopwords in an Analysis

  1. While in an analysis, go to Analysis Settings from the sidebar menu.

  2. In the Stopwords section of the analysis settings you can upload your own list, add/remove stopwords, and adjust the stopword list being used.

  3. When you're done, scroll back to the top of your page and tap on the green Re-run Analysis button

  4. Done!

Other Settings

Many other analysis settings can be used to configure how Kapiche processes your unstructured data. We plan on updating these settings in the near future.

Note: After changing settings you must re-run the analysis for the changes to apply.

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