Saved Queries are a way for you to quickly save and re-input regularly used queries. They are also used to show data on your Dashboards.

In this guide we'll we'll show you how to save a query and display it on your Dashboard (for a more comprehensive guide on how to use & get the most out of your Kapiche queries, click here!)

Saving Queries

To save a query, simply create a query and click the "Save Query..." button:

You'll then see the following dialog where you can name the query and choose to auto-add it to your Dashboard:

To access your Saved Queries, simply click the "Saved Queries" dropdown. Clicking a Saved Query will clear your current query and input the saved query automatically.

Using Saved Queries on Dashboards

An important aspect of Saved Queries is the relationship they have with the Dashboard. Dashboards require Saved Queries to display information. Dashboards display various visualizations and overviews using the data from each Saved Query selected to be shown on the Dashboard.

When you save a query, it becomes an option to be shown on the Dashboard. Only queries that have a Concept, Term or Phrase element (unstructured data) will be available, since the Dashboard has its own seperate structured data filters.

Note: "Other" is automatically available as a query on the Dashboard and includes all data that doesn't fall under any of the saved queries.

Updating a Saved Query

Whilst a Saved Query is selected, any changes you make to the query can be saved using the green "Update" button. You can also simply save it as a new Saved Query.

Renaming & Deleting Queries

You can rename and delete Saved Queries by clicking the respective icon in the Saved Query dropdown menu in the Queries screen.

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