How to change your plan

Method One: As a Site admin, go to Settings. Under Site Administration in the settings menu bar, click the Billing Info tab. Here you can view the status of your plan. To change the plan, click Change Plan:

Method Two: As a Site admin, on the main Site page (click the Kapiche logo or site name in the sidebar), click the Change Plan item:

This will take you to the Change Plan screen where you can view the available plans. Please note that all amounts are in USD.

Upgrading your plan

Upgrading will switch your Site to the new plan upon successful payment transaction. Your Data Units will be set to the new plan and your billing cycle will begin on the date of upgrading.

Important! Data Units do not get carried over when upgrading plan.

Note: Changing from a Monthly plan to a Yearly plan is considered upgrading, and will result in the same process as described above.

Downgrading your plan

When downgrading a Kapiche plan, your Site plan will change at the end of the current billing cycle, with the new plan beginning next cycle. You will still have access to all features of your current plan until the new plan begins.

Cancelling your plan

To cancel your Kapiche subscription, click the "Stop plan renewal" option in the Billing Info page in Settings. This will stop your plan from renewing next billing cycle.

You will still have access to your Site until the end of the current billing cycle.

Your Projects (and all analyses & data within them) will be held for 30 days after your plan expires, then completely deleted from Kapiche. We'll send you an email notifying you of when your Site's data will be wiped beforehand.

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