Updating Your Site's Billing Info

Note: Only Site administrators can change Billing Info. Kapiche shows amounts in USD.

As a Site admin, go to Settings. Under Site Administration in the settings menu bar, click the Billing Info tab. The different sections are listed below:

Plan Details

Shows the current plan, its status, and the next payment amount & charge date. You may also cancel, renew, or change your plan here.

Payment Method

Shows the payment method for this Site (if any) and the expiry date. You can update your card details or remove the payment method here.

Discount Code

Any discount codes you have can be applied here.

Contact Details

Contact details which are used to generate information on invoices are shown and can be edited here.

Viewing Past Invoices

You can view and save/print past invoices in the Payment History tab. This page will show the ID, date, what the payment was for, and the amount. To change future invoice details such as Company Name, update the details under Contact Details in the Billing Info tab. If you have specific invoice needs, please contact us before the payment date.

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