Getting Started

To create an analysis you must first have a Project. See Creating & Managing Projects.

Once you have your Project successfully created, click the "New Analysis" button in the top right of the Analysis panel.

Step 1. Selecting Text Fields

Choose the text fields that you wish to analyze in this analysis. We recommend you pick one text field per analysis. Interpreting data across multiple text fields which refer to different subjects may be difficult, if not outright inaccurate.

You can use the "Create individual analyses for each text field" toggle in order to easily create analyses for each text field in your data, rather than going through the workflow multiple times.

Step 2. Choosing Date Range & Configuration

Each analysis can be set to only include data in a specific date range (if dates are available and have been correctly set in the Project Data).

You can choose to modify the stopwords and analysis settings. The stopword lists added will default to the Project's selected languages. See the article on Stopwords & Other Settings.

Important Note: If "Create individual analyses for each text field" was toggled on, each analysis will have the same date range and configurations set in this step.

Step 3. Naming & Running The Analysis

Last step is the easiest. Just give your analysis (or analyses) a name and hit Run Analysis. Each analysis will have the respective Text Fields in order to help naming them.

Your analysis should finish processing within seconds and be available to view.

Analysis States

QUEUED: The analysis is awaiting processing.

PROCESSING: The analysis is being run on the dataset.

UPDATING: The analysis is being updated with new data.

UPDATE: New Project data is available for the analysis. Note: Updating is optional, and will use all data available in the Project.

ERROR: The analysis failed to run. The specific error will appear under the analysis name.

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