What is a Kapiche Dashboard?

Dashboards in Kapiche are a way for you to display and share your Saved Queries

Creating a Dashboard

Step One: Create a Saved Query

To create a Dashboard, you must first create at least one Saved Query. Dashboards require Saved Queries to display information. Dashboards display various visualizations & overviews using the data from each Saved Query selected on the Dashboard.

When you save a query, it becomes an option to be shown on the Dashboard. Only queries that have a Concept, Term or Phrase element will be available (the Dashboard has its own seperate structured data filters).

Step Two: Add Queries to the Dashboard

By default, Kapiche automatically adds Saved Queries to the Dashboard when you save them (you can toggle this option off in the Save Query dialog). Your query may already be on the Dashboard!

To change what queries are used on your Dashboard, click the Saved Queries Selected item from the top menu. This menu will only appear if you are a non-viewer member of the Project.

You will then have the option to select from any Saved Query which contains structured data. Keep in mind the structured data in the query will not be used on the Dashboard (the Dashboard uses its own structured data filters).

Note that "Other" will automatically be available as an option on the Dashboard. "Other" will include all data that isn't included in any of the other selected saved queries.

Sharing Dashboards

Members of the Project will automatically have access to any Dashboards in the Project.

To share a Dashboard, simply click the "Share" item in the top menu. It will open the dialog below, where you can invite users from your Site to the Project, or share a link to give view-only access to non-members.

Using Dashboard Filters

Dashboards have their own structured data filters which allow fine-grained tuning of what is shown. To adjust which segments are being shown, use the Dashboard Filters menu:

You can also use the date pickers on the left side to filter data by a specific date range.

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